Client Testimonials

“Susan came into our lives at precisely the right moment. My father, who was 92, had taken ill and was no longer able to take care of his home office with the attention to detail that such a task required.  He was extremely wary of having anyone but himself take care of his bills, filings and financial reports. The thought of having to train someone the “proper” way (his way) of organizing payments and required responses, let alone answering a barrage of emails, was giving up a degree of control that he found unacceptable.

After my father engaged Susan, the issues of unfiled government papers and piles of late bills and unread e-mails disappeared. My father described Susan’s skills, abilities, and communication skills as ‘cracker jack.’ My brothers and I will be forever grateful for the ease with which Susan was able to understand what was needed.

Probably the most important aspect of her skill was the firm but gentle approach she had to finding solutions to what, for our family, were insurmountable amounts of work.  When you can take the fear of solving a problem off the shoulders of another person in such a competent manner as Susan was able to do, you have the true definition of kindness.  What more could you want for the 92-year-old person you love.”  —  Steve A.